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DABKE DILAN – NURE (feat. Rizan Said)

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Dabke Dilan – Salah Ammo

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The Kurd Has Nothing but the Wind – Salah Ammo & Peter Gabies

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Habibi – Salah Ammo

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Release date: 01-Jul-2010

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Release date: 01-Mar-2011

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ASSI – A story of a Syrian river

Release date: 01-May-2014

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Oriental World music Duo

„A melancholic Masterpiece, wide like the dessert, archaic and beautiful.“ Andreas Bovelinko, Kurier

„Profound, moving and great!“ Wolfgang Taschl, Concerto

Salah Ammo: Vocals, Bouzouk (Syria – Kurdistan)

Peter Gabis: Percussion, Hang, overtone singing (Austria)

It is people’s choice if they see cultural diversity as a threat or as an enrichment. It was not Salah Ammos choice to leave his home Syria because of the war, but he choose to get in touch with local musicians when he settled down in Vienna in 2013, to enrich his art, which is mostly shaped by the deep heritage of oriental music and poetry Read More…


Dabke Dilan – Salah Ammo Electronic World Music


Salah Ammo founded in 2017 Dabke Dilan, in which he presents a mesmerizing beat-driven glimpse of Syria`s modern folkloric dance music featuring a variety of acoustic and electronic instrumentalists. Since early 2019 the studio works are shaped by keyboardist Rizan Said and the Austrian producer Moritz Scharf alias Aramboa.

Dabke Dilan`s music was mainly inspired by “Oriental Electronic Sha’bi Style” where the music is shaped by fast rhythms and oriental synthesizer-sounds. Now they re-arrange Sha’bi as club music creating a unified musical language and making the term electronic world music a bridge between traditional kurdish and arabic folk dance and techno-rave parties.

Dabke Dilan, the name already expresses a lot – dance means Dabke in arabic and Dilan in kurdish – so it is about pure dance music. Beside their own compositions, they bring together different traditional music of Middle East and fuse new playful rhythms into electronic music. Dabke Dilan easily moves between fast and slow tempos, creating a musical space where body movements and emotions can meet. They fill the room with the energy, spirit and joy of Arabic Dabke, Kurdish Dilan and Club Music. In their concerts the crowd is dancing crazily to their powerful beats and flying high to virtuose ethnic instrumental solos. Read More..




The Kurd has nothing but the wind
Der Kurde hat nichts als den Wind
ليس للكردي إلا الريح
تسكنه ويسكنها
وتدمنه ويدمنها
لينجو من صفات الأرض والأشياء
فالريحُ وصية الكردي للكردي في منفاه
أناالمسافر في مجازي
هويتي لغتي. أنا.. و أنا. أنا لغتي
أنا المنفي في لغتي
وقلبي جمرة الكردي فوق جباله الزرقاء

The Kurd has nothing but the wind
To dwell in him and he in it.
To get addicted to him
And he gets addicted to it.
To be saved from the adjectives of the land
And of the things.
The wind is the testament
Of one Kurd to another Kurd in exile.


Der Kurde hat nichts als den Wind
Er lebt im Wind und der Wind in ihm.
Der Kurde wird süchtig nach dem Wind
Und der Wind wird süchtig nach dem Kurden
Um gerettet zu werden von den Adjektiven des Landes
Und der Dinge
Der Wind ist ein Testament
Von einem Kurden zum anderen ins Exil

Lyrics: Mahmud Darwish - كلمات: محمود درويش
Music : Salah Ammo - موسيقا: صلاح عمو
Translated to German by the wonderful friend Thomas Schmidinger

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