D A B K E     D I L A N

“Electronic Beats of Middle East”

Dabke means dance in arabish and Dilan means dance in Kurdish. The authentic and strong voice of Salah Ammo with folkloric instrument Bouzouk (Ud with long neck) bring together traditional and fresh vibes to the electronic beats and fill the room with the energy, spirit and joy of Arabic Dabke and Kurdish Dilan.

The crowd is dancing crazily to the beats of these powerful Musicians. The band perform new songs written especially for them and traditional songs, which took a large part of the memory of popular folklore in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Kurdistan.

Their music is full of fast rhythms in the spirit of the celebrated oriental “Sha’bi Style”, which is popularized through the renown Syrian wedding singer Omar Suleiman. DD Band takes this style to new dimensions where the “Sha’bi Style” is integrated with the sounds of electronic, to create a wonderful characteristic Ethnic electronic music.

DABKE DILAN – that means: come together, hold your hands and shake your hips and feel deeply connected to each other.

Let’s dance!

Salah Ammo: Vocals, Bouzouk (Syria – Kurdistan)

Moritz Scharf: Electronics (Austria)

Special Guests:

Rizan Said: Oriental Keybord (Syria – Kurdistan)


Fadi Bardkji: Oriental Keybord & Backing vocalists (Syria)