Salah Ammo: Bouzouk, vocals (Syria – Kurdistan)
Peter Gabis: Percussion, Hang, Overtone (Austria)
Oscar Antoli: Clarinet, Bassclarinet (Spain)
Pouyan Kheradmand: Santur, Gheychak (Iran)

Vienna based Quartett is taking off for a musical journey. Their route starts in Syria, passes through Kurdistan, takes them to Irak and Iran and continue to Europe. Bouzouk, Santur and Geychek combined with Clarinet, Hang, Percussion and Overtone establish a whole new world of sounds, moving very smoothly between oriental and occidental music.

Salah Ammo’s composition and his emotionally strong and moving voice lead the way, inspired by kurdish and arabic folk music. Thereby he creates a space where different worlds of music meet and unite. Words are replaced by music in the dialogue between the distinguished musicians. The melting of oriental improvisation, Maquam and Takassim with jazz influences and harmonies create a happy marriage of different genres. The strong bond between the musicians that goes beyond their work, reflects the joy and beauty of their deep music. You can feel it by taking part of this musical journey which opens your heart and imagination and releases your body.

Salah Ammo is a Syrian Kurdish musician and song writer based in Vienna since 2013. According to the review of the Austrian Music Export 2016, Salah has been “one of the most celebrated musicians in the Austrian world music scene”. In 2014 his Duo project with the Austrian percussionist Peter Gabis was in the Finale of the „Austrian World Music Award“ and their Album „Assi“ (produced 2014) was nominated for the Best list of the renowned „Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik“. Salah was born in northeast of Syria, where Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Armenians and Assyrians have been living together for thousands of years, his music is inspired of their cultural and musical traditions. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus 2004 and he used to teach at the Faculty of Music in Homs/Syria.

Peter Gabis is known as accomplished sideman in the Viennese Jazz- and worldmusic scene. In recent years he worked intensivley with etthnic music from Afrika and Asia and on the perfection of the overtone. With the Duo-Project „Salah Ammo & Peter Gabis“ he edited the album „Assi- A Story of a Syrian River“ in 2014, which was nominated for the „Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik“. He teaches drum and percussion at Jam Lab University Vienna.

Oscar Antoli is coming from spain based in Vienna. He is playing Clarinette and Bassclarinette, Nai and Dolçaina in many projects and bands. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Modern Music Studies at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) and a Master’s degree in Turkish Music at the Codarts Rotterdam University of the Arts, he is orbinting between these two styles of Music, playing original compositions inspired by the mediterranian music.

Pouyan Kheradmand is an iranian musician based in Vienna since 2013. He plays various iranian traditional instruments (Santur, Tar, Setar, Geychek-Bass, Robab) and an expert of persian music and the maqam. Pouyan started his musical formation already when he was 6 years old in Teheran and won the prize for the best “Santur-player” at the “student’s festival” in Iran in 2001. Pouyan takes part of many projects in iran and Austria including film- and theatreperformances as a player and composer.